Remidi is the wearable innovation company dedicated to inspiring and empowering music creators, both in the Real and the Virtual world.

The company's first IoT product, the Remidi T8, turns the whole human hand into a music instrument, and is the world's first product to Record, Play & Perform infinite combinations of notes and sounds. The T8 is the first midi instrument composed of a sleekly designed bracelet and glove combination. 

The motion sensors open to a wider expression of music: players can still alter the sound while a notes already started, simply by moving their hand or twisting their wrist.
The Remidi T8 is the only instrument that translates the natural gestures of our hands into music and doesn't require the users to look at their hands while playing: the Remidi glove is the prefect instrument for players who are diving into Virtual Environments.

 We're based in Austin (TX) and Torino (IT).

We’re specialists of wearable technology and in February 2016 we closed
our first Kickstarter campaign,
collecting $137,325
from 530 amazing backers from all over the world.


Andrea Baldereschi / CEO

Andrea Bulgarelli / CINO

Marco Casolati / BD

Alberto Forneris / COO

Mark DeMay / CTO